Some old pages about which I'm not sure whether to keep them or delete them or whatever. (But I guess for some of this stuff I'd rather have people read it onhere than somewhere else... :)

June 13, 2002, The Show must Go On.

June 11, 2002
Remote Influencing Gone Amok?
A message sent in response to a member of the old yahoo-group stating that he noticed that each time he experiences deep meditative states undesirable events seem to manifest around him.

Friday May 22, 2003
Dear Matrix
A bit of fun-text that used to decorate my homepage. Took it off as some people were taking it far too serious, much more than I ever intended.

June 2003
Busted: Non-spiritual Remote viewer!
"Gerald! There they go again! I don't know if you have noticed, but another RV-company from the RV world has very recently been throwing baseless accusations against you. At first, you laughed at the whole thing, and said that negative thoughts always comes back biting its originator and you will not go down to these low levels for now. Well, I know you, but I must admit that I was first flabbergasted and later a trifle upset at what was said so I decided to send this feedback to you..."

December 97
Answer to another web site's claim about: "Who is Mr. Gerald O'Donnell?
Mr. Gerald O'Donnell would like to post the following statements (Dec. 97): For some months, innuendoes and misconceptions have been posted on another web site under the following title "Who is Mr. Gerald O'Donnell?"

Gerald O'Donnell's Smiling Exercise
"From the moment you get up in the morning, up to the moment that you go back to sleep, constantly imagine that you are smiling inwardly at your outer reality as you go about your daily activities.

May 26, 2002,
Yet another Matrix question. Do other Matrices exist?

July 25, 2002,
Windows in the Quantum Soup.

Something I wrote once for the old yahoo group, but simply forgot to post.
The more monkeys learn to play the piano the louder the music will become.

June 7, 2002, '
Sometimes I feel like the only person living...'

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