Remote Influencing Gone Amok?

Post subject: Remote Influencing Gone Amok?
A member of the old yahoo-group states that he noticed that each time he experiences deep meditative states undesirable events seem to manifest around him.

Posted: June 11, 2002

This is something that has been on my mind for some time now. And I can imagine that it could get a bit scary now and then, all this influencing stuff. But then again, once you begin to understand how these things work, you can do something about it.

About 11 years ago, I for the first time came in touch with a phenonomen called 'positive thinking'. At the time this was very new here, in Holland. At least it was in my circles.

Within a few months I had read just about anything I could lay my hands on, and what somehow was connected to this new way of thinking. I simply loved it. Why? Because I needed it. I was living still in what I refer to now as my 'dark ages'.

About 4 years later my life had changed drastically. Improved you might say.

Around that time I felt that I had learned a lot. I was great with working with affirmations, did rebirthing and special breathing techniques, whatever. But somehow I also felt that I had got stuck. What had happened in fact was that I had managed to better many parts of my life, but somehow I had to keep working on them.

Because the moment I would let go a bit, and just live by the flow, things would go drastically wrong. Cars would crash, money would disappear, machines would stop working, and all around me conflicts would burst out over me out of nothing... And then I learned about a very significant thing. The power of fear.

As long as I would continue to 'create' positive outcomes, things would always turn out better than I originally had wished for. The moment I would let go, uh-oh, trouble in paradise.

Somehow I had learned to energize my thoughts. But unfortunately, I had ignorantly not payed any attention to the fact that I also, subconsciously, strongly energized my fears. As a result of this discovery, I realised that the only way to get myself out of this viscious circle, I had to learn to let go of fear. Instead of continuesly focusing on improving my body, I had to learn to dig up any unhealthy thoughts I was still maintaining, and get rid of those.

Instead of constantly manifesting money into my bankaccount, I had to focus on letting go of my fear of loosing it, my feelings of guilt for having it, and my also rocksteady conviction that no matter how much money I would manifest, there would always something happen (my now-ex crashing the car) that would make me have to spend it all again (for a new car).  


In fact I learned about this mechanisme of empowering one's fears as a by-product of empowering one's thoughts, when I became interested in immortality. Fighting the deathwish, in exchange for a long and healthy life. In the material I was working with it simply stated that one can only be immortal on the moments that one is aware of being immortal. In other words... Forget to affirm your immortality for one minute, and you leap to your death. Yeah, it all sounded so great at the time, but boy, have I been in trouble...

However, this new outlook on things, improving your reality by simply reducing fear, really gave my life a new boost. Although it did take me years to get rid of loads and loads of fear. And I'm still working on that today. Ok, now and then I do use a bit of positive thinking to make sure there will be enough toner left in the machine to print out just that one document I need, but furthermore, ah, I'm not really that worried anymore about what kind of disaster would maybe take place if I would NOT be able to print it.Ok. So why am I telling you all this. Well. One of the things that I like very much about the new Course,
Remote Influencing, is that on the order page is stated that one should first do the Course in Remote Viewing. NOT because this is good for sales, but because the first Course does indeed take away a lot of fear based thinking. And then, in the book with which one begins the RI Course, also this whole mechanism of possibly energizing of fear based thought, is clearly explained. Wow, I am really happy about that...

Whenever we turn into ourself, we take with us our thoughts. Have you ever realised how much thinking we do? I know that I can sit here, write about anything, and at the same time think about other things as well. I tried to count once, but got confused after my first 4 layers. My first layer of thought is directly under my controle, and I manage to keep it fairly positive most of the time. My second thought layer is somewhat monitored too. I don't know really about the next levels.

All I can feel is that no matter how hard I try to shut them off, at some level they will continue. The backburner of the mind never seems to stop. I think it takes quite some time to teach all layers to keep things positive. No matter what.


However, this backburner is also something we take with us when we enter Theta, or beyond Theta. And if you got yourself a hidden fear stewing on it, that will come with you just as well. When we decide to enter Theta, or even Alpha, I think we must first tell ourself that All is well.

Clear yourself from any stress, and convince yourself that all is well. Ease out all stress, all fears. Let them go. By the time you feel a sigh of relief escape your relaxed body, you are probably ready to enter Theta in a relaxed state.

Has it ever occured to you that some people can't seem to manage to reach Theta? I have written about this before. You may relax your body all you want, but the moment something 'weird' happens, you cramp up again. Could it be that something inside of you is warning you not to enter Theta yet?

Some fear could be taken in with you, and maybe highly energised. It is only a little precaution, and it will take only a few minutes of your time. On the other hand, it could happen that you realise that you are not in a good condition to enter Theta. This could happen when you want to remote view or influence an urgent situation that is very important to you. Or when you have a session scheduled right after watching a very scary movie, eww, I would never recommend that.

Be wise about it. Tell yourself All is Well, and if you cannot manage to convince yourself of this, first work on getting whatever fear out of the way.

You are bound to take some 'luggage' with you on any trip to Theta. Just try to minimize it.

Travel Light!

June 11, 2002

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