Remote Viewing Course

What do you learn from a remote viewing course?
Somewhere deep down in our subconscious mind is a part that is psychic, or clairvoyant. Remote viewing is a technique that you use, by connecting to that psychic part of yourself, to describe information you get on a chosen "target". Such target can be an object, location, event, a person or any other living creature, in the past, present or future, nearby or far away.

We all posses the mysterious gift of clairvoyance, but not all of us have access to it or know how to use it. When somebody is able to connect to it without any form of training, we speak of a born psychic. (Which doesn't mean that born psychics won't have to practice to make their gift perfect.) Remote viewers are people who are trained to receive messages from the psychic part of our subconscious mind.

Remote viewing can be used for tracking missing persons, psychic crime solution, gathering information regarding anti-terrorism, as well as for constructive corporate project decisions, intuitive investment and trading, and even diagnostic purposes.

The Magic of the Hyperconscious State

The Academy of Remote Viewing has many thousands of satisfied trainees since 1997 throughout almost every country in the world, as it offers a well rounded training method that will allow you to develop your natural capability at Remote Viewing.

From the Introduction to the Remote Viewing Training Course:

  • All you will need to do to learn Remote Viewing is listen in a relaxed state and environment to the material, nothing else. The experience is extremely relaxing, energizing, and powerful.
  • As you learn Remote Viewing you learn to operate in a hyperconscious state, first with eyes closed and then with your eyes opened, you will integrate this mode of natural functioning within your day-to-day life, on a constant basis.
  • At that level of mental operation you have permanent memory since you access constantly your subconscious mind that stores all your memories since birth.
  • Academic achievement, sporting abilities, inventive creativity, and any kind of artistic talent can be greatly increased effortlessly, just by remaining in this operational state of mind, as a second nature.
  • Using the same techniques employed by intelligence agencies, you will be able to visit mentally and instantaneously any site on this planet and view it in larger or finer details.
  • While in a hyperconscious state you will be able to contact the subconscious mind of any other person (the main controlling aspect of one's mind), and interact with it on a thought-to-thought basis.
  • This can be used to improve love relationships, business relationships, and to investigate the "real thoughts" that a certain individual has either towards you or in general.
  • This method is very powerful and there are built-in safeguards within the Course in order to avoid its misuse.
  • You can investigate your probable future, especially targeting a proximate time frame, and then make decisions accordingly.
  • An ingenious method (A.R.V.) used by the intelligence community is taught to you and allows you to know in advance if your prediction is highly accurate and not subject to external noise.
  • This method has been successfully applied by scientists to predict with a remarkable degree of accuracy the proximate directions and amplitude of moves of financial markets such as the stock market, commodities markets, and other financial instruments.
  • Your intuition will be greatly sharpened. You will embark on an inner journey of dimensions that you do not yet perceive --- An inner journey that should give you great control over your self and your life. Gerald O'Donnell President Academy of Remote Viewing.)

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