Remote Viewing
From Mindchatter
to Inner Peace

By learning remote viewing from mindchatter to inner peace:
Through all my life I have been interested in ways to improve myself. Not so much as a scholar, but as a human being. I've never thought of myself as being psychic, or paranormally gifted. Sensitive, that's more the kind of word I like to use.

In fact I used to be so sensitive, that I often had trouble to distinct my own feelings and thoughts from those of the people around me. As I became older I became more and more aware of these 'outer' influences. Began to recognize them as not my own. I even began to avoid large crowds, knowing that I'd be overwhelmed with all kind of signals which every living creature seems to send out into the world.

I read some books that somehow touched on the matter, but none of them could tell me what to do, or how to learn to stop this telepathic noise around me. Once I discovered the internet, I began to search for web sites with more information. There sure is a lot of stuff about all kind of psychic activity...

Surfing and clicking from link to link, one day I hit a site about Remote Viewing. Never heard of it before. I was not really interested in learning mind control or time traveling. But reading about the things I could do if I'd learn this technique, I realized that instead of trying to stop the mind chatter and contagious moods coming from other people, I could learn how to control and focus my perception.

So I started doing the
Remote Viewing Course.

After some weeks working with the tapes I realized something was changing. I began to feel more emotionally balanced, as I became more aware of my own moods and feelings versus the many subconscious telepathic influences from other people.

After some time I even learned to not only block others, but also discovered that I can actually influence them right back. Instead of getting contaminated by somebody else's negativity, on more than one occasion I have been able to bring back an inner smile in people. By doing the Courses of the Academy I have not only become able to drastically improve my life, but most important of all, I have regained my inner peace.

I never had the intention of becoming a psychic detective, or a mental spy, and I never will. But I did become much more interested in practicing healing, and Remote Influencing.

I used to think one had to be born with a special gift to be able to learn remote viewing and to do things like healing and influencing. Now I know that anybody can learn these techniques and reach the hidden potentials that rest dormant in all of us.

On top of that I still don't understand why Gerald O'Donnell calls his first course just a Remote Viewing Course. Sure, he teaches one perfectly well and quite fast how to do remote viewing, but there's so much more on those tapes:

  • altered states,
  • deep level meditation,
  • increase of intuitivity,
  • Remote Viewing - From MindChatter to Inner Peaceconnecting to one's Higher Mind,
  • inviting of and connecting to guides (if desired),
  • total physical and mental relaxation exercises,
  • breathing exercises,
  • overcoming of fear,
  • healing of psychological scars,
  • connecting to nature and animals,
  • connecting to other human beings,
  • the healing of one's biology (body),
  • the healing of other persons,
  • the healing of animals,
  • the art of visualization,
  • the ability to OoBE at will,
  • and so on.

Some institutes charge thousands of dollars for an in-house RV-training. The much more affordable Complete Remote Viewing Training Course developed by the Academy of Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing has proven to be very effective for thousands of students worldwide. I'm grateful to be one of them.

The Netherlands, May 2002

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