Couple of Questions & Answers

UPDATE: The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI) has converted the courses to CD's. Tapes are no longer available as far as I know.

 Do the ARVARI-courses contain subliminal messages?

No. The Academy has always assured their students that there are no subliminal messages whatsoever in their study material.


 Will I be hypnotized?

 No, not at all, you will at all times be able to remain fully aware of yourself and your surroundings. Unless you fall asleep during a session or simply don't pay attention to the exercises, you will be constantly aware of what is happening, what is being said and what you are doing.


 "My English is not that good, does that mean I won't be able to understand the material on the tapes?"

 I myself am born Dutch, and I had to use a dictionary a couple of times to look up some not so common words. While reading the book that comes with the RI Course, perhaps you might like to keep a dictionary at hand for quick reference.
I think it's safe to say that if you can manage to read and understand most of this website without the help of a translator, you'll be more than comfortable with the English in the courses.


 What are these Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves?

 Beta is the so-called conscious level of mind. Alpha and Theta form the subconscious regions of the mind's operation, and Delta is the unconscious region of thought activity. These states form the spectrum of mind operation.
More about Brain Waves: Alpha, Theta, Delta.


 What's with the accent of the voice on the tapes?

 Cd's versus tapes, sound quality, interuptions, clicks, too fast, too slow, even lengthy discussions on the whereabouts of the `city of Hawaii' and finally `the Accent'. Have we heard them all by now? I wonder... Never dare say the students of the Academy of Remote Viewing are not critical.
Click here to read Mr. O'Donnell's comments on this subject.


 Who is Gerald O'Donnell?

As a student of the Academy of Remote Viewing Through Space and Time, sooner or later you will come in contact with Mr. Gerald O'Donnell. Busy as he may be, he often manages to beat his staff in picking up the phone, as training and guiding his students is still his 'favorite part of the job'.
I wrote a page with
Gerald O'Donnell's Biography with a couple of pictures in case you're curious about him. ;)


 What means "listen only passively" to the tapes?

 Listening passively means: don't analyze what you hear. Don't think too much about it, don't wonder about things...
Read more here.


 What do I receive when I order the Complete Remote Viewing Training Course?

Remote Viewing Training Course consists of six specialized audio training tapes, beautifully protected in a audio cassette album.

On each side of each tape you will find a training session of 30 to 45 minutes long. The sessions contain music, sound effects and Mr. O'Donnell's voice giving you instructions and/or information about what is happening during the session.
Click here for a description what each session is all about.


 What do I get when I order the Complete Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course?

 The complete
Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course consists of:

  • 7 specialized audio training tapes, beautifully protected in a audio cassette album. Click here for a description of the contents of the tapes.
  • A CD containing a brainwave entrainment session that will easily teach you to command you brain to rapidly enter the deep levels of Mind of Alpha, Theta, and Delta.
  • A booklet titled "Out of the Matrix", by Mr. O'Donnell.


 What is the booklet "Out of the Matrix" about?

 The booklet/manual covers in great details the mechanisms of thought manifestation, and many more concepts that will allow you to change your perspective of the world that surrounds you.


 What is the Combo training about?

Combo stands for Combination, being a combined training of the
Remote Viewing Training Course and the Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course.

The Remote Viewing Course teaches you to operate at the deep Theta (Border to the sleep level) level of Mind, and the Remote Influencing Course takes you on the Ultimate Journey: Awakening and operating with full mind awareness from The Delta (Sleep) Level of Mind, while you body is asleep or tremendously relaxed (resting and repairing) and your mind is fully aware.

When following the
special training combo schedule, the two courses form a very powerful and wholesome combination as they complement and reinforce each other.

In case you already did the Remote Viewing Training Course in the past, the Academy guarantees that even your Remote Viewing skills will become much more attuned and powerful as you train with the Remote Influencing course.


 "Is it worth the money?"

 When you order the Combo, you'll get a CD, 13 tapes in two showcases, and a book. Basically a bunch of plastic, polycarbonate and paper.
In my personal opinion the value of what you learn from these courses is timeless and priceless. For me these courses have been a very important stepping stone on my way to understanding life and the world around us.


 Does the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing have a student community?

 Wow, thought you'd never ask.
When you visit the
Academy's web site, look for the link "Students' Forum" in the left hand menu. That link will take you to the (independent) Students' Online Community. Many of our members are students of the Academy, but we welcome all levels of Remote Viewers, and also all schools of Remote Viewing. You'll find me there too, username "Nanette".

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