Remote Viewing Tapes Training Course Contents

The Remote Viewing Tapes Training Course consists of six tapes beautifully protected in a audio cassette album. On each side of each tape you will find a training session of 30 to 45 minutes long. The sessions contain music, sound effects and Mr. O'Donnell's voice giving you instructions and/or information about what is happening during the session.

Here a description what each session is all about:

UPDATE: The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI) has converted the Remote Viewing Tapes to CD's. Tapes are no longer available as far as I know.

The Complete Remote Viewing Tapes Training System Now on CD!
The Complete Remote Viewing Training Course Now on CD!

Tape 1

Side A and B: Basic explanations of the mechanisms involved in remote viewing and of its modus operandi.

Tape 2

Side A: A training session allowing you to easily refocus your mind to a much deeper level of your inner awareness where remote viewing is a natural ability.

Side B: A method is given that allows you to operate your mind as a highly concentrated focus of informational input/output through the use of light that we know, from quantum mechanics and religious traditions, is the basis of creation as a storage and instant conveyer of sensory data. This is a very powerful technique.

Tape 3

Side A: The trainee is taught to totally separate from the awareness of having a biological reality, and as pure mind starts expanding tremendously his perceptive connections to any point in time/space.

Side B: The trainee connects instantly to different points in perceived space, and processes rapidly streaming sensory data relating to those sites.

Tape 4

Side A: The trainee connects easily to a stream of data relating to past events and situations with full sensory awareness.

Side B: A method is given in order to connect and experience the probable future. Very vivid experience.
The experiencing of parallel paths (futures) is perfected.

Tape 5

Side A: Explanations are given as to methodologies to be used during remote viewing sessions. Important information is revealed as to the origin of remote viewing data. The scope of the experience is alluded to. Associational Remote Viewing (A.R.V.) is explained and its applications to financial trading, gambling and the general ability it gives to filter out parasitic noise are expanded upon.

Side B: Remote viewing session where the sensory apparatus of the mind's eye is trained to perceive many points of reference, mainly inanimate, with a wide variety of perceptual senses.

Tape 6

Side A: Remote viewing session where the trainee explores elements of the vegetable world and the animal world with full sensory awareness. Connective ability to the emotional level is emphasized. Very powerful experience. Deep reprogramming of the mind is affected in order to improve visual and other sensory decoding abilities of the deep inner mind.

Side B: Remote viewing session where connections are made with the biology and the mind of human entities. You are taught how to connect to the mind of any individual. You are finally taught and programmed to operate at very deep levels of mind and remote view with your eyes opened.

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