Gerald O'Donnell, ARVARI President: "Listen to my voice..."

Cd's versus tapes, sound quality, interuptions, clicks, too fast, too slow, even lengthy discussions on the whereabouts of the `city of Hawaii' and finally `the Accent'. Have we heard them all by now? I wonder... Never dare say the students of the Academy of Remote Viewing are not critical!
Mr. Gerald O'Donnell, President of ARVARI, on "the accent":

Posted: Jul 08, 2003
Post subject: Shoot, and I thought that I had such a nice voice!

Gerald O'Donnell ARVARI President
Ok my friends, let me reveal to you in some hidden secrets of the most effective way of practicing subconscious reprogramming.

As I have many times explained at length especially in the RI course, mankind was given a slow linear thought process based on cause-and-effect where space and time constructs operates. In the deeper recesses of our sub-(below) conscious level, lurks a computer-like mind that can interface with linear thought, speech, sound, vision (imagination) and also with the much higher lateral symbolic language of the Higher realms of the soul which uses packet-like energy bursts of knowing carried by a stream of Light that is then decoded slowly by the slow linear brain.

OK, so far?

If I speak in a loud smooth voice and tell you, for instance, that from today on you will be disgusted by chocolate, the linear beta critical mind might filter this and say "bunkers! I still love chocolate" and no matter how many time I repeat that suggestion clearly to your relaxed mind it will be blocked by the critical mind.

So good hypnotists (and there are very few of them), have tried for eons to keep the conscious mind busy by using boring repetitive tasks such as counting, designing on black board etc... and use that opening to shoot suggestion to the lower level of the subconscious that then has no choice than to accept them (Similar methods are used by the music industry, movies, charismatic preachers and politicians etc... not always for lofty purposes) and the subconscious then takes the suggestion in -the more illogical the better- transmits it to the higher level of itself that does not even operate linearly and then fetches that reality from the quantum soup of possibilities.

Neat, no?

A long time ago, it was noticed that the best hypnotists were the ones with heavy accents. Why? Well because the subject had difficulty staying consciously concentrated on the voice and soon enough went dreaming into lala-land while the practitioner had then full access to their unconscious realm.

As a matter of fact, had I almost totally covered the sound of my voice by the clicks and music, the effect would have been the same. The subconscious hears EVERYTHING even at subliminal levels, and do not let the military propaganda and fake scientists tell you otherwise. They want to keep it their little secret and make great use of it. Ergo with political organized systems, religious organizations, and media advertising.

Do you want a proof?

If you let finally go of your critical beta mind trying desperately to get every sentence on the 2nd tape, you will probably slip into deep theta and then unconsciousness, but when told to awake, your subconscious hears it perfectly well, and you find yourself, oh miracle! opening your eyes.

We did this system on the first course, because we knew we would encounter in the Western world many linear critical types of personalities and lots of tricks (some which you realize and some which you do not) were employed to get you to give up listening attentively. When I say "listen to my voice" I am only addressing your subconscious mind! I want your beta mind to go on vacation somewhere else!

The RI course is mastered on CD all digitally. Since CD can only record 80 minutes, and some sessions were 110 minutes long we had to transfer them on audio tapes. Other techniques had to be employed there. Other secrets.

So just relax, enjoy, and let whatever happens happen. You'll be surprised, after all, thousands of trainees cannot be wrong!

BTW After taking the RI course you might suddenly receive downloads of advanced information using beams of vibratory Light as a carrier entering your brain, and trust me, there is no language or sound whatsoever there. There is only very high level packets of information being beamed at you, that your brain can and should slowly decode.

I am considering nevertheless, maybe, as we are in the process of putting the RI course on CD, to remaster the original RV course on CD. We'll see. Just to improve the music.

Happy flights to all,

From Gerald O'Donnell, ARVARI President: Listen to my voice...
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