The Remote Influencing Tapes Thought and Reality Course Contents

The seven tapes of the Remote Influencing Training Course, are beautifully protected in a audio cassette album. On each side of each tape you will find a training session of 30 to 45 minutes long.

However, on tape 4 and tape 5, the A and B side of each cassette form one session together. These sessions on tape 4 and 5 take about 105 minutes each. (Tape 4 side A+B = 105 minutes aproximately,
tape 5 side A+B = 105 minutes aproximately.)

All sessions contain music, sound effects and Mr. O'Donnell's voice giving you instructions and/or information about what is happening during the session.

Here a description what each session is about:

UPDATE: The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI) has converted the Remote Influencing Tapes to CD's. Tapes are no longer available as far as I know.

The Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course Now on CD!
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Tape 1

Side A and B: Audio version of the manual booklet "Out of the Matrix", using spatial spiraling sound, Part I.

Tape 2

Side A and B: Audio version of the manual booklet "Out of the Matrix", using spatial spiraling sound, Part II.

Tape 3

Side A: Special brain entrainment that rewires your brain circuitry so that it multi-processes information bi-laterally and multi-dimensionally. Increases dramatically your brain's processing ability (intelligence) and scope of information gathering and sensitivity to data acquisition.

Side B: Deprogramming, permanent cleansing of past memories, and experiencing the Great Void: the source of infinite energy.

Tape 4


Side A: Exploring the levels of the mind. Alpha, Theta and entering with full consciousness the level of Delta. Communion with the deep Ocean of Consciousness.  Creating the flame of Eternal Joy within your heart. Reconnecting to the Womb: The Source.

Side B: Experiencing Delta, your center of energy, and the silvery cord. Becoming again your child-self. Automatic DNA reprogramming to an imbedded higher program, and healing rejuvenation. Reprogramming yourself into a new being, healthy and strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Revealing the rules of powerful manifestations (RI). Increasing your inner vibrations. Joy overcoming fear vibrations of mass-consciousness. Thought monitoring. Using the "secret portals within the natural world" to the non-physical quantum level. Removing the tentacles of mind bondage.

Tape 5


Side A: Going to deep Delta and experiencing different mental states in the process. Cultivating the "inner smile". Learning "Lucid Dreaming", and Remote Influencing from that level. Using deep Delta as a Stargate to higher levels.

Side B: Going through the "portal". Entering the High Mind. Experiencing the Light. Exercises in Remote Influencing reality from this level and even higher ones. Listening to "the little voice within". Healing techniques and multi-faceted explorations of the High levels of Vibration of your deep Higher Self.

Tape 6

Side A: Remote influencing from Beta. Creating your body of Light: Your new Diamond Self and Remote Influencing from there. Erasing addictions, undesirable habits, and molding new physical, mental and emotional bodies. Powerful rules for RI reality and others. Creating a protective vibratory shield against unwanted energy and thought intrusions by others. Basic principles of energy self-defense.

Side B: Recreating and climbing the ladder of Creation. Extremely powerful level of manifestation. Experiencing the "inner Sun". Creating and reinforcing the "Golden Shield" of protection and manifestation.

Tape 7

Side A: Ancient and often jealously guarded secret of the "Gap". Creating (RI) from there during the breathing cycle and the sexual act. Programming for "special" highly evolved children. Connecting to the "Great Mother". Becoming the "Eternal Flame of the One". Bringing that flame into the dream world, then beyond, and then remaining fully awake with the awareness of being this flame as your physical body sleeps and rests: The "Great Awakening in Lucid Sleep". The Portal (Stargate) to parallel universes opens. You are on your way to becoming an inter-dimensional traveler!

Side B: Coming home to the One. Merging and uniting with the Universe. Being both here and above this "matrix" at once by using the portal of nature and old trees. Healing yourself and the Womb of Life. Rebirth into the Eternal light. Experiencing the core-pulse of our Creation. You are a co-Creator!

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