Learn Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing by Listening Passively

To learn Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing by listening passively to the tapes/CD's, is a very relaxing experience for the body, while the conscious and subconscious mind absorb the training material of the Training Course.


Hi Nanette,

How do you listen to the tapes?

My precise question is in fact: when you listen and hear Gerald say you go down an elevator, do you have to picture yourself in it, or is this picture/movie supposed to appear itself "automatically" ?

In other words, what means "listen only passively" (the exact words of the sheet coming with the RV course) ?

Do you even need to pay attention to what Gerald says?



Dear P.

I'll try to answer this question:
"In other words, what means "listen only passively" (the exact works of the sheet coming with the RC course) ?"

Listening passively means: don't analyze what you hear. Don't think too much about it, don't wonder about things... In one of the sessions you're being told to imagine stepping into an elevator: Don't wonder what kind of elevator it is, where it was made, how many people it can carry, or about how fast the elevator should go, how much light should there be, etc. Be passive, relaxed.
But yes, you DO listen to Gerald's voice. Like a child listening to a bedtime story. Like you listen to an interview on the radio. With attention. You don't have to picture yourself stepping into the elevator, you don't have to 'roll' a movie in your head. You imagine experiencing stepping into the elevator. The story tells you that the main character (you) is now stepping into an elevator... so you are likely to experience a bit of the feeling of stepping into an elevator.

It is not the elevator ride that will do the trick so to speak. The elevator is only used as a vehicle, a means, to trigger a sense of going down, going inside, letting go of the active beta mind.

It's true that the subconscious mind picks up a lot from the courses. But it's also true that the conscious mind will try to stay in control. The elevator, the golden door, the swirling staircase, they are all there to keep the conscious mind busy, and to give a start to feelings, to stimulate sensations that will help you to let go (escape) of the beta state of mind, to let go of total control of the situation. our conscious mind loves to be in control. But it has to let go for us to go further and discover that we are more than just our conscious thinking.

With a smile,
January 04, 2005

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