to the Music of Superstrings:
The Show must Go On

Being my Own Favorite Character
So there I was, happily living my life. Enjoying the show around me. Being my own favorite character. Heck, being my own director! Even more fun! Ok, so I directed a little bit here, a little bit there... Made some mistakes, turned comedy into drama, corrected a bit here, a bit there. The drama calmed down, the show continued, and so did I.

But why the show? Why the comedy, why the drama? My show became a search for Truth. It's my show after all...

Aha, I am the character, I am the director, and I can even be the writer! I became the writer of my own show! The greatest Comedy of all! Featuring Conscious Creation! Full time soap! So don't forget to write, for the show MUST go on...

I'm getting tired of this... Every hour, every day, every week, every year of my life. I write, I direct, I act, I even have to conduct and dance to my own music... Because if I don't there will be no show... and if there is no show, there is no me.

If I don't write, don't direct, who will? Who's show would I be me in? Who's music will I dance to? Who would be there for me to believe in if not in me? If I want to be me, I have to stay in control of the show... If I want to stay in control of the show, I will have to stay in control of me... So then me has full control of I because I need the show to be me.

But if I would let go of me, I could let go of the show, and I would be free to be really me...

And I would dance to any music, play in any show, and I would finally be free to live my life and be any me I'd like to be, because I'd be any me I'd choose to be, heck, I'd be all the me's there are, I would be everybody, in any show, dancing to any music, just being nobody as I am all, and I love to be all, because no matter what I am I love to be me...

Netherlands, June 13, 2002

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The Show must Go On
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