Gerald O'Donnell's Smiling Exercise

Gerald O'Donnell's smiling exercise: "From the moment you get up in the morning, up to the moment that you go back to sleep, constantly imagine that you are smiling inwardly at your outer reality as you go about your daily activities.

Smiling ExerciseImagine that you are smiling from the deeper recesses of your mind, originating from within your heart area, and that you are projecting that happiness and smile outward through your eyes and expression. No matter what the circumstances are. You will find that your eyes will be constantly smiling and so will your mouth, which will often curl up into a slight smile.

Keep focusing constantly on that act until it becomes automatic and second nature to you. At the same time imagine that your heart constantly expresses a great inward smile, filled with pure joy of being alive, no matter what.

Notice how people will seek your presence and inner "Love." After two weeks or so, you will notice an incredible amount of changes, not only in the way you interact with the "outside" world, but also in how the "world" acts and projects reality toward you.

Your fears will begin to abate and an inner feeling of peace and love will emerge. Fear will stop having a grip on you. Done for regular periods of 3 weeks at a time, this exercise alone can change anyone's life dramatically at all levels."
Gerald O'Donnell

Let's smile!

The above Smiling Exercise may be easier said than done. It does take some practice. But why not start right now?

In case you haven't really smiled for a long time, you may have to prepare your cheeks a bit, even do some warming up on the facial muscles.

To start you could apply a gentle massage to the smiling area of your face. Simply take the skin between your fingers, and gently kneed around. You'll be surprised to feel the amount of tension in your face that has been building up there since you became a member of the grown-up pack...

Once you feel that the skin and muscles have loosened up a bit, smile as big as you can, from ear to ear. Let go, relax, and give it another grin. It will get easier, especially because you'll feel pretty silly... But after a minute or so, you will notice to your surprise that you still know how to smile!

Just sit quietly, and smile. Furthermore do nothing else, just sit and smile. Feel and experience your smile. If need be, pretend you're the sun, and your smile is a sun ray. Send out your light, through your smile. Soon you will begin to notice that you feel the same quality of light pouring out of your eyes. You are 'smiling radiantly'. And you don't have to pretend to be the sun anymore, because now you discovered your own inner sunshine. Let it shine!


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