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Matrix Reloaded: a question by a member of the old yahoo-group: "Does anybody know if it's possible to connect to OTHER matrices/creations?"

Posted: May 26, 2002
Post subject: Yet another Matrix question

We all 'know' that other, higher Matrices exist, we all 'know' we can connect to other, higher matrices.

However, this matrix, which we call the dark matrix, doesn't want us to remember, or to believe in it anymore.

You can answer this question by yourself, from within your self.

Have you never looked around yourself, at the world you live in, and at the life you live? Felt how it feels, and then asked yourself: Have I been born, to just live a meaningless life, breath in - breath out, until it stops by itself?

I bet you did, because as far as I know, everbody did.

The answer lays within the answer you gave yourself to that question. ;-)

Because nobody will answer him/her self with: "Yep, I've been born to live a meaningless life." I at least have never met anybody alive enough to ask himself this question, and then take that as a satisfying answer.

No matter what your answer was, there is bound to be something in it that speaks of a higher meaning. Telling you that you have come here to do better than that. Or at least something of rebelling against that meaninglessness.

That which speaks of a higher meaning, or of rebelling, is the answer within. It comes from you 'knowing' that there is a higher purpose to your Life.

Many of us get stuck in giving this higher purpose a meaning like, 'ok, I'm going to fight the system as a politician', or 'I'm going to earn loads of money', or 'I'm going to join the army'. Whatever. 'Ignorance is bliss.' (
Apoc, the Matrix).

The dark matrix catches us in our moment of truth (the higher purpose) and immediatly offers a wonderful substitute within its own realm. And got us back fighting again against the meaninglessness of it all. The politician fights the opposite parties, the rich guy fights poverty and lack, the soldier the enemy. All fighting something they fear most. For women it often comes down to the urge to get married and build the ideal family. Some people turn to religous institutes.

(Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway: I'm not here to judge. Probably did it all myself, and still do it. Getting

Hook yourself up
with your computer


caught in fear, and find a wonderful solution to it all, and yehaaw!, Nanette is in bliss..., nicely and neatly submitted again to the rules of the dark matrix. Until my inner alarm goes off, and wakes me up again.)

Life within this matrix is one big bootcamp. Funny, I once worked with a company that offers a service called 'training-actors'. Hiring them out to other companies, to train their workers. Usually staffmembers that have to deal with clients, or other workers as their supervisor. A situation, a case, is made up and a stage is set, and the worker has to be nobody but him/herself, and then the actor comes in and kind of behaves obnoxious. Great fun. The best sessions are those, when the worker actually forgets that the others are nothing but actors and really gets to handle a heavy dose of learning. Because they are being faced, in a SAFE environment, with the worst possible things they can ever imagine. (Or even worse, grin...) One of the actors actually got attacked during such session, really grabbed by the throat. Just telling you this to show how 'real' this stuff can become after some time. One session can take up to 45 minutes. There is always a sigh of relief after the session is done. Not the least because the trainee realises that he is prepared now to handle such situation in reality. But do you understand the power the actor has? After all he is an actor, he can choose his responses. He can actually get somebody fired or promoted. He has to constantly be aware of this. Help the worker to 'grow', by giving the right responses. If the person from within the hiring company, and in charge of this training, would want such worker to flunk the training, so that his chef gets a valid reason to kick him out, this can in fact be easily done by a good actor. But then again, a 'good' actor will never cooperate in such faul scheme. Then I wonder howcome we so often 'flunk' in this bootcamp, within this Dark Matrix.

To come back to the answer within: It tells you that you are in training. That this matrix is in fact nothing but a training camp. Supposed to provide you with the optimal training situations. But somehow this matrix has kind of given up on its trainees. Doesn't even want us to remember the fact that this life here as we perceive it is nothing but a simulation. And the moment somebody remembers, and starts to think about it or even talk about it, spreading the word, it attacks. Wham! Sit down and shut up. Or grabs any chance it gets to mess up such person's life to keep him so busy and shattered that he won't be able to do what he intends to do: Wake up other trainees. I think recent examples of computers blowing up for no reason and mysteriously disappearing dogs are an illustration of what I mean here.

Ok. What you can do is begin to sift out any thought, that tells you 'not to believe this higher hippie-stuff'. Because that is not your thought, unless you choose it to be your thought, ofcourse. But it is a thought given to you by the dark matrix.

When somebody manages to reach a high vibratory rate within their Self, that person will be connected to a higher Matrix. Because this matrix will simply not be able to hold on to that soul anymore. You slip out. You escape. You are then '
out of the matrix'.

So imagine what it would be like to live in a world in which you would be able to create anything, heal anything. A world ruled by your conscious thought, and not by the dark matrix. But as you need a Matrix to project your thought into a holographic reality, you still have to be connected to one. And again most of the souls will choose to learn again. So that Matrix would again provide them with training material. Ok, trust it to be a truly higher matrix. Programmed to make you, the soul entrusted/connected to it, to grow and succeed, and not stifle you and let you flunk.

The answer within wants to show you the way. Listen to it. It is a mere whisper at first, but the more you listen to it, the louder and clearer it will be.

May 26, 2002

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