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Question by a member of the old yahoo-group: "How come visions are usually horrid? Is it a probable future and do we energize it by focusing on it?"

Posted: July 25, 2002
Post subject: Some RV questions.

I wouldn't say that visions are usually horrible. Maybe the nicer ones aren't shared much by people because they are less impressive than disasters. So I guess you're right, usually we read about the bad ones. I have been shown bad ones, some of those really happened, saw it later on the news, some didn't, and from some I know they happened, because of some kind of follow-up vision afterwards, but I never really got any proof for those, thank Heavens. I used to be rather passive, or sometimes feel panic about them, but now I react to them by saying 'no', and by changing what I see, trying to influence it, hoping that it will help for them not to happen.

But I have also been shown wonderful ones. But sharing those, well, I guess most people would think oh, Nanette's dreaming again. The most beautiful one I will try to describe here for you, Deidra. I was shown the most beautiful sunrise I think ever to happen. A big, big bright golden sun came rising out of the darkness. I saw it's rays slowly, carefully, touch upon this dark world, like tender fingers touching a big ouch. And every spot that was touched turned from dark and colourless into something bright, with colours I have never seen in this world. And this sun came up more and more, and touching more and more stuff, and it was really like the world was finally waking up, filling the atmosphere with feelings of great joy and love. I could see the ocean, and I could see into it, I could see wales and all kind of sealife swimming in crystal clear water, and it was like the water was alive, caressing them. And the air felt like that too, I could see it move, alive, touching me, literally filled with love, by breathing that air, you'd be breathing love constantly. There was a forest and the trunks of the trees were absorbing the light of that sun, and flowing it to their leaves, and the leaves began to kind of sparkle. Birds everywhere, playing with the air, the air playing with them, and singing while they were flying. There was a city, and it kind of lightened up, welcoming and reflecting the golden light, and the people in it were watching everything, silent, and looking at their bodies, how it changed when being touched by the light. I was told that I was witnissing the birth of a new world, a new creation. I don't know if it will happen. I don't know.

This vision was very impressive to me, but I guess like they say, 'you should have been there'.

Today I was shown a rainbow. Colours playing, like flames. I liked it very much, because I saw all of the rainbow, a full circle. There were also flakes of colour, full spectrums, happily floating around and through that rainbow. Nice, but I have no idea what it means. And I've seen many simple things, impressive by the feeling of peace radiating from it, embracing me. Like big fields and the wind softly moving the grass. You could say that this kind is based on memory, but the way it's shown and the intense feelings coming with it leave me no doubt that it are visions, although I often have no idea what they mean. Just feel happy with them, and hope to energize them by watching them, like they energize me.

So, not all visions are that bad, hm? :)

July 25, 2002


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