The more monkeys learn to play the piano...

    Something, a reply to some post, I wrote in 2002 for the old yahoo-group, but simply forgot to post...

...the louder the music will become. Whatever happens around us, basicly only happens in our 'heads'. I say 'heads', because in fact we don't even have a head. What we truly are is but that what truly is. The One.

What you see around yourself, is nothing but a reflection of yourself. Try to see it like a mirror on the wall. Only when you step in front of it, it will reflect you. Your universe is partly composed by the matrix. Like the mirror reflecting what is behind you. Like a template of the world as how each individual being perceives it. And when your awareness enters the picture, steps in front of the mirror, its reflection is your universe. Template or not, it is you who decides which template is being reflected. And how you will perceive it, how you will react to it. Again: Template or not, it originates from your awareness, you energize it to be perceived by you, by perceiving it.

Although even our brain is part of the reflection, we mostly choose to think that it is the container of our Awareness.

By persistently holding on to the believe that our universe is a fixed world, outside of ourself, and by insisting on feelings of helplessness and confirming that something outside of ourself is in charge of it all, and therefore we should have to change things 'out there', we chase our tail.

If we want to change this world, and make it a better Creation, all we have to do is raise our vibration. This may sound again like sitting in a corner and just smile it all away. But that is not what I mean. Raise your vibration as high as you can, and then live within that vibration. Sit in your corner. Meditation, connecting to nature, art, do whatever helps you to raise your vibration. Then come out of your corner, and try to stay in the vibration. Then your efforts to change this seemingly 'outside' world will be surprisingly much more effective. Because it is nothing but your reflection. When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of your reflection, your universe. You have then stopped chasing your 'tail', and began living from your 'head', your mind, your Self.

By learning RV you get a chance to take your vibration to a much higher level. The
RI Course is intended to take you a big step further. To make you aware of the fact that you are the king of your Kingdom, and to help you learn how to raise your vibration to such a level that it will not only change your reflection, but also the reflection that we form as the reflection of the One. Be determined to reflect back care instead of cruelty, pleasure instead of suffering, and beauty instead of darkness. By reflecting more LIGHT, the One that we are will reflect more LIGHT. And as the One will reflect more LIGHT, we will be able to reflect more LIGHT into our kingdom.

But ok, some are getting restless of the talk. I understand. But I really wanted to say this again, because I don't want anybody to feel like we're not able to do anything about it. We are able, we can do something about it. Each one of us can. RAISE YOUR VIBRATION. By living within a higher vibration, you will know what to do, where to act, where to influence, where to play, and where just to roll up your sleeves and get to work. And you will be so much more effective. It is like a chain reaction: The higher you vibrate, the higher your reflection 'around' you will vibrate. It is like a snowball: The more you roll it, the bigger it becomes. It are the 100 monkeys: The more monkeys learn to play the piano the louder the music will become. Oops... Where did that come from...?! Oh, yeah, I got it: The louder the music becomes, the more monkeys will hear the music and will want to learn to play the piano... :)


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