Remote Perceptions: Out-Of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities, by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.

From the back cover of "Remote Perceptions: Out-Of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing, and Other Normal Abilities", by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.:
"Stand here and look over there. No, way over there-- blocks away, continents away�generations away.
When Angela Thompson Smith was still very young, she discovered she could do just that, even through she had not yet heard such terms as "remote viewing" or out-of-body experiences."
As she grew up, she learned the names for her abilities as she mastered the methods, following the lead of such pioneers as Ingo Swann. Now Swann, who trained members of the U.S. intelligence community in psychic warfare with the former Soviet Union, calls Thompson "an experiencer both exceedingly articulate and scientifically based."
You'll agree with him as the author of Remote Perceptions discusses methods for seeing other times and other places with the objectivity of a scientist, all while relating her personal experiences to help you apply these abilities to everyday life.
Explore your potential for perceptual abilities, as Angela Thompson Smith shares her own intriguing story with you."
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From chapter one "Awareness":
Prologue to the Phenomenon
   As a little girl, about eight years old, I remember being put to bed and 'traveling' off around the neighborhood before I went to sleep. I recognized that these experiences were very different to sleeping dreams; I was awake when they happened. I would sit up on the roof and look around or travel down the country lanes of suburban Bristol, in England. These OBEs were spontaneous and random, and occurred without my direction. Later, I was able to bring them under some control.
   As I grew older, my feelings were mixed. I felt very self-conscious at the discovery that I was able to do something out of the ordinary, which, until then, I had considered quite ordinary. But over-riding all other emotions was curiosity. I wondered to myself how I would feel if I discovered that these experiences were real, that my impressions could be verified, and that I could accurately describe people, places, and events that I had seen with my mind.
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From "Remote Perceptions: Out-Of-Body Experiences, Remote Viewing,
and Other Normal Abilities", by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.
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