PSI Spies, by Jim Marrs

"PSI Spies, by Jim Marrs: The book the government did not want you to see!"
Jim Marrs' investigation into the secret remote viewing programs conducted by the CIA and U.S. Army is finally revealed in Psi Spies.
In the early 1990's, following the success of Crossfire and Alien Agenda, Jim Marrs set out to expose yet another government coverup. Originally titled "The Enigma Files," Marrs' new book detailed the activities of the U.S Army and CIA in training soldiers and spies in the use of psychic abilities. The publisher received advance orders for The Enigma Files from around the world. Meanwhile, the U.S. government agencies publicly issued denials that such programs ever existed. As the release date neared, Marrs' editor mysteriously disappeared, apparently relocated to somewhere outside of the United States. What followed was an attempt by his new editor to coerce Jim to rewrite the book in a FICTIONAL setting, a request that Marrs flatly refused to honor. This ended the publishing deal, thus delaying the book's publishing indefinitely. That is, until now! Retitled "Psi Spies", the details of the government's espionage efforts using psychic warriors.
Interestingly, the CIA ultimately admitted to funding psychic research later in Congressional hearings, although they downplayed the importance of the program.

From "PSI Spies", by Jim Marrs
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