Psychic Warrior
by David Morehouse

Book Description of "Psychic Warrior" By David Morehouse:
Unwittingly plunged into a paranormal nightmare... David Morehouse-A highly decorated, exemplary Army officer, special operations infantryman, and elite Airborne Ranger Company Commander. Wounded by machine-gun fire during a training mission, Morehouse began to have inexplicable visions and haunting nighmares-an experience that would redirect his military career and land him in the government's top-secret Stargate Program. His life would never be the same...

Stargate-For nearly two decades, the United States military intelligence community delved into the dark world of psychic espionage, recruiting a team of psychic spies to serve as "remote viewers," individuals who used their paranormal gifts to transcend time and space and uncover the highly guarded military secrets of other nations.

Unable to tell the shocking truth for fear of death-until now...

When David Morehouse walked through the doors of the Stargate Program, he had little idea what awaited him: a paranormal hell that would bring him to the front lines of some of the most horrific disasters in recent history-and nearly destroy him. In chilling detail, Morehouse describes his psychic espionage work as a remote viewer, from the shattering explosion of Pan Am Flight 103 to the choking smoke of Desert Storm, even further back in time to Hiroshima and the darkest days of Nazi Germany. And more startling yet is his account of the U.S. government, an organization bent on the destructive use of psychic powers-and on stopping the one man who was brave enough to blow the lid off their top-secret Stargate Program.

From Publishers Weekly:
About a year ago, the media reported that the Pentagon had been training and using psychic spies, operatives who garnered information through remote viewing. According to Morehouse, the media reports arose from a disinformation campaign conducted by the CIA in cooperation with the Defense Intelligence Agency. Here, Morehouse, a former highly decorated army officer and psychic spy in the Star Gate program purports to tell the real story and his role in it. Morehouse, we learn, became a psychic literally by accident. He was serving with the infantry in Jordan when he was knocked out by a stray bullet that hit his helmet; afterward, he saw strange visions and experienced out-of-body episodes. Instead of recommending psychiatric treatment, the army placed Morehouse in a top secret program in which agents psychically travel to far-flung sites to view prisons, airplane-crash locations and the like. Morehouse's descriptions of his psychic trips are the strength of this book. Most combine mystery and suspense so skillfully that he makes perfectly believable the notion that he "visited" a friend who had been killed in an air crash. But some of his trips, such as the time-warp call at the burial site of the lost Ark of the Covenant, seem less authentic, though they're equally entertaining. For all the detail in his recounting of his remote-viewing incidents, Morehouse's narrative leaves gaps and unanswered questions, including exactly how the viewing process works, and the Star Gate program's exact provenance. Readers may need to do some remote viewing of their own to fill in the blanks, but overall this is a dramatic tale told with flair. Photos not seen by PW.
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David Morehouse is a courageous man with an extraordinary story that transcends time and space

"A crackling saga that makes the X-Files look like The Waltons."
--The American

"A very different sort of war story." --Kirkus Reviews

"A dramatic tale told with flair." --Publishers Weekly

From the Back Cover:
When David Morehouse - a highly decorated army officer - was hit by a stray bullet, he began to be plagued with visions and uncontrolled out-of-body experiences. As a consequence, he was recruited as a psychic spy for STARGATE, a highly classified programme of espionage instigated by the CIA and the US Defence Department. Trained to develop spiritual, clairvoyant capacities, he became one of a select band of 'remote viewers' in pursuit of previously unattainable political and military secrets.
When Morehouse discovered that the next step in the top-secret programme was 'remote influencing' - turning 'viewers' like himself into deadly weapons - he rebelled. In his efforts to expose the programme, he and his family endured the full force of the US intelligence community's attempts to silence him. As the multi-million-dollar STARGATE scandal was exposed to the world, Morehouse himself became the enemy of the secret services...

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In Psychic Warrior one of STARGATE's 'viewers' finally reveals the extraordinary truth of this secret operation.

Originally published in 1996, there is a continuing demand for David Morehouse's story in the U.K. Out of print for over a year, this new edition of Psychic Warrior features a new foreword by the author.

About the Author:
David Morehouse's military accomplishments include being selected as the top cadet commissioned into the regular Army in 1979-from over 2,500 cadets. He served as aide-de-camp for two Commanding Generals, commanded the Army's only separate Airborne Rifle Company, as well as an elite Airborne Ranger Company. He was second in command of the 2nd Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and is highly decorated with numerous Defense, Joint, and Army commendations. He is a special operations infantryman whose combat special skills include the Master Parachutist Badge, Underwater Operations, Pathfinder Badge, and the coveted Ranger Tab. He has been awarded jump wings from six foreign nations.

He holds a masters degree in Military Arts and Science from the US Army's Command and General Staff College, and a doctorate in Education from LaSalle University. He writes and lectures on issues of global peace, and is the author of Nonlethal Weapons: War Without Death, published by Praeger Press. He was most recently invited to attend the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation's 1995 State of the World Forum, where he served as a speaker and panel member for issues surrounding new approaches to conflict resolution in the coming millennium.

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