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Feedback: Those responses provided during the session to the viewer to indicate if he has detected and properly decoded site-relevant information; or, information provided at some point after completion of the RV session or project to "close the loop"

    Correct (abbreviated "C"): The data bit presented by the trainee viewer is assessed by the monitor to be a true component of the site.

    Probably Correct ("PC"): Data presented cannot be fully assessed by the monitor as being accurate site information, but it would be reasonable to assume because of its nature that the information is valid for the site.

    Near Site ("N"): Data objectified by the viewer are elements of objects or locations near the site.

    Can't Feed Back ("CFB"): Monitor has insufficient feedback information to evaluate data produced by the viewer.

    Site ("S"): Tells the former that he has successfully acquired and debriefed the site. In elementary training sessions, this usually signifies the termination of the session. At later stages, when further information remains to be derived from the site, the session may continue on beyond full acquisition of the site.

    Silence: When information objectified by the trainee viewer is patently incorrect, the monitor simply remains silent, which the viewer may freely interpret as an incorrect response.
               In line with the learning theory upon which this system is based, the intent is to avoid reinforcing any negative behavior or response. Therefore, there is no feedback for an incorrect response; and any other feedback information is strictly limited to those as defined above.
               It should be noted here that the above refers to earlier stages of the training process. Later stages do away with in-session feedback to the viewer, and at even later stages the monitor himself is denied access to any site information or feedback until the session is over.


Gestalt: A unified whole; a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts.

    Major Gestalt: The overall impression presented by all elements of the site taken for their composite interactive meaning. The one concept that more than all others would be the best description of the site.

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