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Coding/Encoding/Decoding: The information conveyed on the signal line is "encoded," that is translated into an information system (a code) allowing data to be "transmitted" by the signal line. Upon receiving the signal, the viewer must "decode" this information through proper structure to make it accessible. This concept is very similar to radio propagation theory, in which the main carrier signal is modulated to convey the desired information.

Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV): The process of remote viewing using geographic coordinates for cueing or prompting.


Dimension: Extension in a single line or direction as length, breadth and thickness or depth. A line has one dimension, length. A plane has two dimensions, length and breadth. A solid or cube has three dimensions, length, breadth and thickness.

Dimensionals: "Dimensionals" have a broader meaning in Stage IV than in Stage III. In Stage IV, more detailed and complex dimensionals can be expected and are now considered to be in structure and therefore more reliable. "Spired," "twisted," "edged," "partitioned," etc. are only a few examples.

Drawing: The act of representing something by line, etc.


Emotional Impact: The perceived emotions or feelings of the people at the site or of the viewer. Sometimes the site itself possesses an element of emotional impact, which is imprinted with long or powerful associations with human emotional response.

Evoking: (Evoke: "to call forth or up; to summon; to call forth a response; elicit.") Iteration of the coordinate or alternate prompting method is the mechanism which "evokes" the signal line, calling it up, causing it to impinge on the autonomic nervous system and unconsciousness for transmittal through the viewer and on to objectification (discussed at length in STRUCTURE).

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