Just/in Time, by Billy Dee Williams and Rob MacGregor

In "Just/in Time", by Billy Dee Williams and Rob MacGregor, a psychic with the ability to time-travel, Trent Calloway is the African-American mystery-hunting hero first introduced in PSI/Net. In this second collaboration between actor Williams and Edgar Award winner MacGregor (Hawk Moon), Trent is offered the chance to rekindle his relationship with his ex-wife, Camila Hidalgo. Now the White House press secretary, Camila, (who left Trent years ago, when his work as a psychic spy (or remote-viewer) took over his life) shows up at Trent's door to recruit him for a sensitive assignment. Sparks fly, and Trent agrees to check out the job. A healer, Justin, claims to be the son of God (some people think he's the Anti-Christ); others call him a yahoo prophesizing his own rise to power. Regardless, the White House wants him targeted for psychic spying. But when Trent sees Justin in person, he finds the healer harmless and decides to turn down the assignment, at least until a bioterrorist attack connected to Justin's followers sends the world into turmoil. In the ensuing action, Trent psychically contacts himself in the past; is contacted by his future self; comes face to face with the good-vs.-evil power struggle at the center of the universe; and tangles with an old nemesis in an alternate universe. The plot is complicated, but it's more fuss than fun, and predictable; the characters are complex, but not all that interesting; most of the action is predictable, the main characters stock, the prose is mediocre. The title does contain a decent pun, however. © 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

The second novel featuring former spy Trent Calloway isn't quite as good as its predecessor--Psi/Net --but it still delivers the goods. Calloway is a "remote viewer": using special mental powers, he is able to see what's going on in faraway locations. Although he retired from government work after an attempt by the CIA to use remote viewers to spy on foreign countries was a bust, he keeps getting pulled back for clandestine assignments. Here his ex-wife, a White House spokesperson, convinces him to use his gifts to investigate Justin Logos, a charismatic cult leader who may be responsible for releasing a deadly virus. Those expecting a serious investigation of the idea that ESP could be used for espionage will be disappointed; on the other hand, readers willing to assume (just for the heck of it) that psychic spying is a reality will have lots of fun with this imaginative thriller. An effective combination of espionage and science fiction. David Pitt © American Library Association. All rights reserved--

From "Just/in Time", by Billy Dee Williams and Rob MacGregor
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