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F. Switches:

         The "switch" is another issue that needs to be properly understood in conjunction with the Stage V process. Sometimes, the viewer will be busily recording a string of emanations under a particular category when suddenly emanations from another category intrude. For example:


dimly lit

         Notice that a few "object" words come through at first, to be replaced spontaneously by words more appropriate to the "attribute" category. This is known as a "switch"--a point in a Stage V chain where a sudden switch is made from one category to another. There are several possible causes for this. The first is that the viewer has in a sense skipped down a level in detail, and proceeds to provide sub-elements of information for the last valid item in the category--in the above example the words quiet, long, etc., are attributes of "hall," instead of objects belonging to "religious."

  A second possibility is that all emanations of a given category are exhausted without the viewer being conscious of the fact, and emanations from another category begin to intrude out of proper structure, as shown below:


         Finally, it may be the case that no emanations of the proper type might manifest themselves, but only intruders from another category, Such a situation would indicate that no emanations of the sort that would be expected for the prompted category are present, and that such emanations were obviously not important in the formation of the cognitron being Stage-fived.

         To deal with a switch, one must task the system (after analyzing what has happened) using an alternative category suggest by the trend in the data line. In other words, if attributes are produced by the switch, one should shift to the "attribute" category and re-prompt the word/cognitron under examination.

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