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G. AOL and Stage V:

         Objects and Attributes may be considered "objective elements," in that like Stage IIs, these responses are much less likely to spark AOLs. Topics and Subjects, on the other hand, are "subjective, informational elements," and require special attention to avoid AOL contamination.

         AOL too may lend itself to being "stage-fived." It is axiomatic in this RV theory system that analytic overlay is generally valid, site-related information which the analytic centers of the brain have simply taken and "embroidered" with memory associations and suggestive imagery. This implies that accurate information can possibly be derived from an AOL through the Stage V process. For the purposes of Stage V, these kernels of valid site-information are called "prior emanations." The format for "stage-fiving" AOLs is as follows:

AOL mosque
prior emanations?

religious decorations

         When prompting valid prior emanations from an AOL, it is important to indicate only "AOL," and not say or write "AOL Break" as the viewer has been conditioned to do in most other circumstances involving AOL, since the word "break" is intended both to disengage the viewer from the signal line and to inform the viewer's system that the material occasioning the "break" was not desirable.

         The prior emanations that result from "stage-fiving" an AOL tend to be a mixture of the four Stave V categories, selected words of which could presumably further be "stage-fived."

         Finally, when normal AOL is encountered in the course of a Stage V cluster, which it sometimes is, it should be declared according to the normal practice, and the category re-prompted. If deemed appropriate, such AOL could no doubt also be subjected to Stage V reduction.

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