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E. Considerations:

         The process has a few peculiarities and a few cautions to observe. First, one must be aware that not every cognitron necessarily produces responses for every category, and in those that do, some categories are inevitably more heavily represented than others. In general, the rule is that if the list of words that the viewer produces under the particular category being processed does not flow smoothly, regularly, rapidly, and with obvious spontaneity, the end of accessible information has been reached. Therefore, if there is a pause after the last word recorded of more than a few seconds, the end of the cluster has probably been reached. On the other hand, if after the original prompting nothing comes forth spontaneously, there are probably no accessible emanations pertaining to the cognitron being processed in that category. For example, if the viewer just sits with pen on paper, with nothing to objectify after the viewer has written "religious," "topics" (or other category), and "emanations?" then topic-type information was probably not relevant to the formation of that cognitron. If such a situation should occur either at the beginning of a category or at the end of one more productive, the viewer should either on his own or with encouragement from the monitor declare an end to that particular category and move on to the next. Usually, the viewer is intuitively aware when more valid information remains to be retrieved and when the end of a cluster has been reached. To sit too long waiting for more information if none is readily available engages the analytic process and encourages the generation of AOL.

         The viewer must also be aware that some responses might at one time or another appear in any one or more of the category columns. One example frequently given is "warm." Although one might consider this an attribute of some object-related word, as a concept of temperature "warm" could just as well show up in the Object column itself. "Electronic," on the other hand, is unlikely to be an object, but could easily fit into attribute, subject or topic columns.

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