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E. Vertical/Horizontal Ideogram Orientation:

         Ideograms may be encountered (objectified) either parallel with the plane of the horizon (horizontal) or perpendicular to it (vertical). For example, the Gobi desert being predominantly flat, wave sand, would produce a motion portion of the Stage I "A" indicating a horizontal ideogram. The Empire State Building, however, would produce some sort of vertical response such as "up, angle," in the motion portion of the "A," indicating a vertical ideogram. However, a crucial point to remember is the objectification of the ideogram is completely independent either of what it looks like or its orientation on paper. It is imperative to realize that what determines the vertical/horizontal ideogram orientation is not the site's inherent manifestation of the physical world, and not how or what direction it is executed on the paper, or even the RVer's "point of view," since in Stage I there is no viewer site orientation in the dimensional plane. Simply observing how the ideogram looks on paper will not give reliable clues as to what the orientation of the ideogram might be. The ideogram objectified as "across, flat, wavy" for the Gobi Desert might on the paper be an up and down mark. The ideogram for the Empire State Building could possibly be represented as oriented across the paper.

     It is obvious then that ideograms can not be interpreted by what they "look like," but by the feeling/motion component produced immediately following the ideogram. The viewer must learn to sense the orientation of an ideogram as he executes it. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, the ideogram may be "re-prompted" by moving the pen along it at the same tempo as it was produced, with the viewer being alert to accurately obtain the missing information.

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