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F. I/A/B/ Formation:

       As the monitor gives the prompting information (coordinate, etc.) the viewer writes it down on the left side of the paper, then immediately afterwards places his pen on the paper again to execute the ideogram ("I"). This presents itself as a spontaneous mark produced on the paper by the motion of hand and pen. Immediately upon execution of the ideogram, the viewer then moves his pen to the right third of the paper where he writes "A" and describes briefly the feeling/motion characteristics of the site as it is manifest in the ideogram, for example, "A    Across angle up angle across angle down, solid."

       Upon correctly decoding the feeling/motion component, the viewer then moves his pen to a position below the recorded feeling/motion responses and directly under the "A," then writes "B." He then records the appropriate "B" component response, which will be the first instantaneous analytic response following the ideogram and feeling/motion components to the signal line's impingement on his system. Sample responses may be "mountain," "water," "structure," "land," "ice," "city," "sand," "swamp," etc. 

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