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D. Types of Ideograms:

         There are four types of ideograms:

         1. Single: One unbroken mark or line, containing only one "A" component (feeling/motion) and one "B" component.

         2. Double: Two basically parallel marks or lines. Produces usually at least three sets of "A" and "B" components: one for the area between the marks, and one each for the areas on either side of the marks. Two other "A" and "B" components may be present as well, one for each of the marks. Railroad tracks, roads, canals, etc. may produce this type of ideogram.

         3. Multiple: Two or more different marks, each producing its own set or sets of "A" and "B" components. Such an ideogram may be obtained when there is more than one major gestalt present at a given site--such as a lake, city and mountain--all within the area designated by the coordinate. This type of ideogram may occasion the necessity of taking a "Too Much Break" because of the volume of information contained in more than one major gestalt. Caution must be exercised here, since a single mark may actually represent either a double or multiple ideogram, but may be mistaken for a single ideogram. To ascertain this, the signal line must be prompted by placing the pen on the mark and also to either side to determine if more than one "A" and "B" component is also present.

         4. Composite: "Pen leaves paper more than twice, makes identical marks," and produces one set of "A" and "B" components. Things such as orchards, antenna fields, etc., with numbers of identical components produce this type of ideogram.

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