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H. Drills:

         Most viewers tend to establish well-worn patterns in executing ideograms on paper. If such habits become established enough, they can actually inhibit proper handling of the signal line by restricting ease and flexibility in proper ideogram production. In order to counter this tendency, training drills may occasionally be conducted. These drills use paper with a larger number of rectangles, outlined in black, of different sizes, proportions, and orientations (i.e., with the long sides paralleling in some cases the top of the paper and other cases paralleling the sides of the paper). As he comes to each of these rectangles on the paper in turn, the viewer is directed to execute an ideogram for a given site (i.e., "mountain," "lake," "city," "canyon," "orchard," "island," "mountain by a lake with a city," "waterfall," "volcano," etc.) with his pen inside the rectangle, extending the ideogram as appropriate from one side of the rectangle to another without passing outside the rectangle. Each time the directions may vary--the ideogram will have to be executed from top to bottom, right to left, left to right, bottom to top, diagonally, etc. In the case of ideograms that do not have a directional emphasis, such as one formed by a circle, a grouping of dots, etc., the ideogram must fill the area of the rectangle without going outside it. The ideogram must be executed as rapidly as possible, without any hesitation or time taken to think. The purpose of this exercise is obviously to encourage spontaneity and increase facility with pen on paper; though it is unlikely that real signal line connection occurs, the ideograms created by the near-totally reflexive actions involved in the drill approach actual archetypal ideogrammatic styles.

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