Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual


I. Format:

         All sessions are begun by writing the viewer's name and the date/time group of the session in the upper right hand corner of the paper, together with any other session-relevant information deemed necessary by the monitor. As stated above, the coordinate or other prompting information is written in the left third of the paper, the ideogram approximately in the middle third (though because of the spontaneous nature of the ideogram, it may sometimes be executed much closer to the prompting data, sometimes even being connected to it), and the "A" and "B" components in the right third. AOL and other breaks are declared near the right edge of the paper. This format constitutes the structure of Stage I and when properly executed, objectifies ("gives reality" to) the signal line. Following is a sample Stage I format:




(Personal Inclemencies/Advance Visuals Declared)






Across angle up angle


angle across angle down




AOL Break
Sports Stadium

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