Cosmic Voyage:
The Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth, by Courtney Brown

"Cosmic Voyage: The Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth" by Courtney Brown reveals surprising new data about alien visitors and discusses the essence of the human soul. Illuminating and scholarly.

From Publishers Weekly:
Using an admixture of elements from Star Trek, world religions and a psychic technique called scientific remote viewing (SRV) developed by the Pentagon during the Cold War, Emory University political science professor Brown has put together a collection of his SRV sessions in 1993- 1994 and reveals what he learned from them: there was humanoid life on Mars, but that planet became uninhabitable, so a number of Martians escaped to Earth, where some live in subterranean caverns in New Mexico and others in a location in Latin America that the author declines to reveal. Brown writes that replication is a yardstick of the scientific method, but he presents no evidence from other practitioners of SRV who allegedly shared his discoveries. Most surprising, no attempt has been made to establish physical contact with the colonies of Martians supposedly on our planet, leaving the reader to assume they are there only because Brown says so. Despite the publisher's claim that the book "resolves major questions about extraterrestrials," skeptics are apt to be even more skeptical after reading it.
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Midwest Book Review:
This presents a scientific discovery of extraterrestrials visiting earth: a documented story of the author's personal investigation based on a classified military procedure. Brown was trained in this method: he presents his case for discovery of two ongoing alien involvements in Earth matters: a Martian race and advanced humanoids surviving environmental extinction.

From "Cosmic Voyage: The Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth", by Courtney Brown
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