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B. Definitions:

         Most of the terms used in a Stage IV matrix have been defined previously. Those that have not are explained as follows:

         1. Emotional Impact: The perceived emotions or feelings of the people at the site or of the viewer. Sometimes the site itself possesses an element of emotional impact, which is imprinted with long or powerful associations with human emotional response.

         2. Tangibles: Objects or characteristics at the site which have solid, "touchable" impact on the perceptions of the viewer, i.e., tables, chairs, tanks, liquids, trees, buildings, intense smells, noises, colors, temperatures, machinery, etc.

         3. Intangibles: Qualities of the site that are perhaps abstract or not specifically defined by tangible aspects of the site, such as purposes, non-physical qualities, categorizations, etc.; i.e., "governmental," "foreign," "medical," "church," "administrative," "business," "data-processing," "museum," "library," etc.

         4. AOL/S: Virtually synonymous with the previously considered term "AOL Matching," AOL/Signal occurs when an AOL produced by the viewer's analytic mental machinery almost exactly matches the site, and the viewer can to some extent "look" through the AOL image to perceive the actual site. The advantage of AOL/S in Stage IV is that it allows the information to be used without calling a break. One can ask, "What is this trying to tell me about the site?" As an example, the viewer may perceive the Verazzano Narrows Bridge when in fact the site is actually the George Washington Bridge.

         5. Dimensionals: "Dimensionals" have an even broader meaning here than in Stage III. In Stage IV, more detailed and complex dimensionals can be expected and are now considered to be in structure and therefore more reliable. "Spired," "twisted," "edged," "partitioned," etc. are only a few examples.

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