Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual


B. Definitions:

         1. Aesthetic: Sensitivity of response to given site.

         2. Drawing: The act of representing something by line, etc.

         3. Idea: Mental conception; a vague impression; a hazy perception; a model or archetype.

         4. Impact: A striking together; changes, moods, emotions, sometimes very gross, but may be very weak or very subtle.

         5. Mobility: The state or quality of being mobile.

         6. Motion: The act or process of moving.

         7. Perceptible: That which can be grasped mentally through the senses.

         8. Prompt: To incite to move or to action; move or inspire by suggestion.

         9. Rendering: Version; translation (often highly detailed).

         10. Sketch: To draw the general outline without much detail; to describe the principle points (idea) of.

         11. To Track: To trace by means of vestiges, evidence, etc.; to follow with a line.

         12. Vision: One of the faculties of the sensorum, connected to the visual senses out of which the brain constructs an image.

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