Remote Viewing Secrets:
A Handbook, by Joseph McMoneagle

About Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook, by Joe McMoneagle:
Author and remote viewer Joseph (Joe) McMoneagle was one of the original remote viewers recruited into the military's Project Stargate, a once secret army project designed to use trained remote viewers for spying during the cold war. For the uninitiated, remote viewing (often referred to as RV) is a skill that allows a person (viewer) to envision events, people, or objects that are not within eyesight--in another room or in another country (and sometimes in the future).
McMoneagle believes that anybody can be trained in remote viewing (no psychic gifts required). However, it requires a huge commitment and a highly disciplined mind. Using the analogy of martial arts, McMoneagle sees RV training in levels, starting with white belt where viewers can expect to see a gestalt (an overall impression) of a target. By the time readers reach the red-black belt-great master, McMoneagle claims they will have gained "a near-perfect union of one's paranormal talent blended within extant reality. People who reach this level no longer have to think about it, they simply do." Although readers won't become a great master by reading this one book, McMoneagle does provide a comprehensive training program as well as important chapters on the ethics, protocol, and applications of remote viewing.
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From Library Journal:
"Remote viewing" is the ability to perceive psychically and describe unknown objects, people, places, or events. McMoneagle (Mind Trek, The Ultimate Time Machine), a former U.S. Army officer who worked for the Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), was recruited for the top-secret remote-viewing program known as STARGATE. Other books on this subject (e.g., Jim Schnabel's Remote Viewers, Dell, 1997; David Morehouse's Psychic Warrior, St. Martin's, 1996) are more biographical; McMoneagle instead offers basic definitions, examples, and qualifications that would be needed by the potential remote viewer. The second half of the book includes detailed training methods, technical applications, and protocols omitted in his previous titles. Because there is a lot of new information here, this is recommended for larger public and academic libraries.
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The Midwest Book Review:
Whether you're curious about the art of remote viewing, or you'd like to develop your latent abilites, Remote Viewing Secrets will answer all your questions.

Ions noetic sciences review June-August 2001:
…practical, and provides a wealth of information on learning remote viewing methods.

From Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook, by Joe McMoneagle
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