Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing,
by Joseph McMoneagle

About "Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing", by Joseph McMoneagle:
From one of the actual participants in the U.S. government's remote-viewing program comes the definitive work on remote viewing. Avoiding the snare of becoming a neo-Nostradamian prophecy, Mind Trek is a nuts-and-bolts approach to an ability that Joseph McMoneagle considers to be inherent in all human beings. There are no CIA secrets revealed in Mind Trek, but it does disclose the laboratory methods employed during U.S. government research into the field, stressing protocols that insure the veracity of results. The case it makes for the reality of remote viewing is strong. Without falling into the doomsday-prophecy trap, McMoneagle takes a step beyond the laboratory and what viewers can find over the physical horizon, exploring the implications of this ability that allows us to see to the farthest distances, even across time into our past and our future. --
Brian Patterson

Back cover:
Mind Trek- The Revised Edition - Including the new STARGATE chapter
We all have intuitive flashes or hunches that reveal our untapped psychic potential. Then there are those who have developed this ability to a reliable degree.
In 1970, while serving overseas in the Army, Joe McMoneagle had a near-death experience that opened him to spontaneous psychic flashes. Later, when tested at SRI-International, he was confirmed as a world-class remote viewer: able to correctly perceive and describe previously unknown people, places, objects or events.
As a result he was recruited for a top-secret military program code name STARGATE, to develop and apply remote viewing skills for national security purposes. For twenty years, McMoneagle honed his intuitive psychic abilities and refined the scientific protocols that resulted in the most reliable method of information retrieval.
In Mind Trek, the author describes, replete with actual remotle viewed drawings, the development and application of one's natural intuition through the proper use of these protocols.
The author, who has been featured on such programs as ABC's Put to the Test and Nightline, and in articles in Newsweek and Time, explains the inherent limitations of remote viewing, and demonstrates how its proper use can unleash great intuitive resources within all of us.
© Joseph W. McMoneagle

From "Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing", by Joseph McMoneagle
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