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E. Session Mechanics:

         As soon as the decision is made to proceed into Stage VI the viewer places in front of him the modeling material (usually clay) that has been kept nearby since the start of the session. At the same time, he also takes a blank piece of paper and writes a Stage VI Matrix on it. As the viewer proceeds to manipulate the modeling material into the form(s), dimensions, and relationships that "feel" right to him, he maintains as his concentrated effort the perception of the site details that are freed to emerge into his consciousness by the kinesthetic experience of the modeling process. These site data are recorded in their appropriate columns on the matrix as the Stage VI portion of the session continues.

       1. Matrix: The Stage VI Matrix is identical in form to the Stage IV Matrix:

S-2        D       AI        EI        T       I        AOL       AOL/S

However, it is labeled "Stage VI" for both record keeping purposes and because that matrix pertains to a specific locale in time/space and not the entire site.

       2. Considerations: In practice, the viewer constructs the Stage VI Matrix, sets it aside, constructs a 3-dimensional model of Stage IV "T's," and records information perceived from the signal line. During the modeling process, the viewer must:

           a) Focus his awareness on the signal line (not the model) and the information which will begin to slow as the model is constructed, and;

           b) Objectify that information within the prepared Stage VI Matrix. The viewer must keep in mind that the model does not have to be a precise or accurate rendering. It is the objectified information resulting from the modeling that is IMPORTANT.

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