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F. Motion/Mobility:

         Two variations of the concept of movement are recognized as being available to the viewer during Stage III. The first is the idea of motion at the site: an object or objects at the site may be observed as they shift position or are displaced from one location to another. For example, there may be automobile traffic present, a train moving through the area, or whirling or reciprocating machinery, etc.

         "Mobility," the second movement concept, is the ability possessed by the viewer in Stage III to shift his viewpoint to some extent from point to point about the site, and from one perspective to another, i.e., further back, closer up, from above, or below, etc. This ability makes possible the projection of trackers and sketches as described below. An additional feature this introduces is the ability to shift focus of awareness from one site to another using a polar coordinate concept. This is more fully explained under Movement/Movement Exercises, which follows.

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