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G. Dimensionals:

         As the viewer proceeds through Stage II and approaches Stage III, the aperture widens, allowing the viewer to shift from a global (gestalt) perspective, which is paramount through Stage I and most of Stage II, to a perspective in which certain limited dimensional characteristics are discernable. "Dimensionals" are words produced by the viewer and written down in structure to conceptualize perceived elements of this new dimensional perspective he has now gained through the widening of the aperture. These words demonstrate five dimensional concepts: vertical-ness, horizontal-ness, angularity, space or volume, and mass. While at first glance the concept of "mass" seems to be somewhat inappropriate to the dimensional concept, mass in this case can be conceived in in dimensionally related terms as in a sense being substance occupying a specific three dimensional area. Generally received only in the latter portion of Stage II, dimensionals are usually very basic--"tall," "wide," "long," "big." More complex dimensionals such as "panoramic" are usually received at later stages characterized by wider aperture openings. If these more complex dimensionals are reported during Stage II they are considered "out of structure" and therefore unreliable.

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