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         Analytic overlay is considerably more rare in Stage II than it is in Stage I. Though it does occasionally occur, something about the extremely basic sensory nature of the data bits being received strongly tends to avoid AOL. Some suppositions suggest that the sensory data received comes across either at a low enough energy level or through a channel that does not stimulate the analytic portion of the mind to action. In effect, the mind is "fooled" into thinking Stage II information is being obtained from normal physical sensory sources. The combination of true sensory data received in Stage II may produce a valid signal line "image" consisting of colors, forms, and textures. Stage II visuals or other true signal line visuals of the site may be distinguished from an AOL in that they are perceived as fuzzy, indistinct and tending to fade in and out as one attempts to focus on its constituent elements rather than the sharp, clear, static image present with AOL.

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