The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
by Thaddeus Golas

[How This Book Came To Be, A Letter From Thaddeus Golas Part 9]

When we are continuously conscious, we will feel a profound love, so rich that it is incredible to human mentality. But we cannot reach it by setting love as the only goal. If we wish to move back to space consciousness, we must disagree with our current material reality: we must be "unloving" or indifferent.

When we do choose to be continuously conscious, we awaken where we have been sleeping. That is, in the proportion of time when we are unconscious, we are propelled to the vicinity of others equally unconscious; and when we open to continuous consciousness again, we then awaken to the perhaps dismal thoughts around us, as well as the pain of being newly different from our neighbors. If we cannot endure this unpleasantness, and retreat from consciousness to feel the pleasure of human agreement, to feel love now, then we will remain in this Earthly reality.

In human life, love must always encounter pain, because the differences between nations, races, cultures and individuals are real. Highly conscious people have told us to love others as we love ourselves. We all recog≠nize this as wonderful advice, and we all know it is impossible to follow while living a normal life. As self-conscious systems, we must maintain a degree of difference from others in order to sur≠vive. It is neither possible nor desirable to elim≠inate all our differences. Laws based on pious wishes will fail. Understanding the roots of pain, perhaps we may control the urge to kill, the instant gratification of violence. Good manners may be our best hope. To love whatever we encounter will give us relief and frequent pleasure, but we will have no reliable character or consistent relationships with anyone.

We become what we agree with and love. Therefore, we must choose to love what we wish to become. We must behave now as that which we wish to be. To reach the existence we want, we must behave the same as those entities who now enjoy that existence. Each of us has the responsibility of choosing the kind of love we wish to know, the reality in which we wish to live, the other beings with whom we wish to relate.

Love is truly a blessing, and can happen in any reality, but we should not expect love to do what it cannot do, and certainly should not expect love to happen where it cannot happen. A perfect love is not possible in our imperfect human reality.

Love is universal because it can happen anywhere, but love is not a means to take us to higher consciousness and the life of the spirit. Love is always profoundly wonderful, but it is not the answer, the power, or the means for our deliverance.

And now that I have delivered to you all my common sense, I have to ask you: Why are these statements less convincing, less inspiring than the text of The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment?

Thaddeus Golas

Sarasota, Florida, 1995

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