The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
by Thaddeus Golas

[How This Book Came To Be, A Letter From Thaddeus Golas Part 7]

Consciousness will not give you power to control the world; it is not a sentimental reassurance; it won't make you healthy or rich or successful; it is not a benign form of therapy. Most of all, it is not energy and has nothing to do with energy of any kind. Consciousness is the way OUT of this material reality, and that's all it is.

Expanding consciousness is not a process of expanding like a balloon, it is a process of PROLONGING your conscious state. You must be either conscious or unconscious in any given instant. Energy is the rapid alter­nation of these states: when you are being energetic you are only half-conscious, and even that in millions of tiny bits per second, running together like a filmstrip.

The significant variable is the length of time you are either conscious or unconscious. Therefore (the sum of all my knowledge): "No matter what happens, I am conscious all the time."

Space—consciousness—pushes energy and mass in a uniform, nonspecific way (we call it "gravity"). Therefore, if you stay conscious continuously, you will push away the material world, all of it. Other than prolonging your consciousness, there is no idea or action on earth that makes the slightest bit of difference to your spiritual future.

I repeat the line often: "No matter what happens, I am conscious all the time."

But what if we are not ready to leave this sphere? Wisdom and poetry seek for final answers, but our human world is made of energy that never rests, never stops changing. Our world is an endless rearrangement of the same variables.

Love is the pleasure of the universe.

All feelings are variations of love or the absence of it. Love is any agreement of action between entities or systems. Love is available anywhere in the universe, high or low, wherever entities agree in their behavior.

Pain, both physical and emotional, occurs wherever there is a difference of behavior.

Love is not a property of either consciousness or unconsciousness alone, but of perfect identity in behavior. That perfect identity is difficult to maintain in relations involving energy because of its never-ceasing vibrations.

Following the star of love will not necessarily lead us upward to full consciousness and freedom from pain. If we make the pleasure of love our priority, it can fix us where we are, or even lead us into more confusion.

How This Book Came To Be
A Letter From Thaddeus Golas
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