Diary of an Abduction:
A Scientist Probes the Enigma
of Her Alien Contact, by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.

From the Inside Flap of "Diary of an Abduction: A Scientist Probes the Enigma of Her Alien Contact", by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.:
In 1986, noted scientitst Angela Thompson Smith began to suspect she was living a "second life." This other life was strange, baffling, otherworldly - full of weird experiments, high-tech implants, extraterrestrials, and dark conspiracies. Somehow it was running parallel to the one she thought she was living, as if on a seperate time-track, or maybe in a "crack" between dimensions. To find out what was happening, Smith began to keep a journal of her fleeting memories, dreams, and suspicions. The result of her unusual detective work is an astonishing thirteen-year log of uncanny and disturbing events.

Contact with aliens was only the beginning, Smith reports that in her other life she visited spaceships, observed the aliens' experiments, received implants, and was even impregnated to produce an alien-human hybrid. Meanwhile, in her day job, working as a scientist for respectable research laboratories, she kept pondering, "could" these things have happened? More urgently, she wondered: "how" and "when" did they happen?

Offering the immediacy of freshly-lived experience, the precision of scientific reporting, and the high intrigue of top-notch mystery writing, Smith's real-life "Diary of an Abduction" is a riveting and provocative journey into the sky, into the soul, and beyond.
© Angela Thompson Smith

The tension of Diary of an Abduction builds like a well-crafted suspense thriller. In the opening entries, which begin in September of 1986 and continue for 13 years, we meet author and scientist Angela Thompson Smith, who learns of a phenomenon called alien abduction, which touches upon her professional fields of neuropsychology and the cognitive sciences. Even though the possibility of alien abductions was "beyond comprehension," the author was hooked--and thus began an exploration into the underworld of UFO conferences, abduction clubs, forced impregnation, and reports of alien babies. Ultimately, she comes to the realization that she is, in fact, living a double life that involves unexplained lapses in time, mysterious markings (circular bruises, single-spot scabs) that appear on her body upon waking, and vivid, recurring dreams of abductions. Memories begin to flood her mind, as Smith realizes her abductions began in childhood and are still happening.

When Smith recounts the details of her dreams/abductions, she has an Agent Scully straightforwardness, even as she writes about having a device like a telephone jack (but smaller) implanted in her ear canal, or trying to help a seemingly human baby who is being improperly cared for by bungling aliens. Like any dream memory, the images are fleeting and disjointed. She'll remember the clear plastic seat that holds the baby, but she'll have no sense of the broader setting--her bedroom? A spaceship? A laboratory? What gives this diary authority is the ongoing investigative work of Smith as she researches information from numerous sources, including government officials (expect a fascinating UFO story about a former president), scientific journals, and abduction investigators. Read it like an X-File or read it like a scientific report. Either way, you won't be disappointed.
--Tara West

Book Description
Angela Thompson Smith first began studying UFOs and alien abducion reports of a scientist's unquenchable curiosity, the desire to fill a void of knowledge. Then something "clicked," and gradually memories from what seemed like a parallel life came sliding back into focus: unexplained events...strange anomalies...recurring dreams marked by waking evidence of physical exploitation. Smith's 13-year, day-by-day journal takes us on a fascinating journey between irreconcilable personal experience - as daily life mixes with remembered strangeness - and the larger landscape of alien abduction.

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- A scientist strives to place otherworldly experiences within an established framework in a fascinating account that reads like the secret diary of "X-Files'" Dana Scully

- Contains graphic descriptions of abduction experiences, including the aliens, human supporters, and mysterious medical and technical equipment involved

- Traces physical evidence left behind from abduction events to government research and development contractors

- Raises important questions about time, memory, the significance of dreams, and more

From "Diary of an Abduction: A Scientist Probes the Enigma
of Her Alien Contact", by Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D.
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